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In the name of Allah, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful
He it is Who  created the heavens and the earth to

encourage among you mutual competition for best conduct

(A unit of Zakat Foundation of India - Registered Trust)

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At no point of time have all Muslims of the world ever been Hajis. It would always be that a selected few would perform Haj. That is as per Allah's law. May you constructively aspire to be part of the 'selected few'.

HFI strives to satisfy your fundamental religious need to save for Haj and protect these savings in pious Riba-Free safety.

Haj expenses are going up year after year. On the average, it takes a Muslim around seven to eight years to save up for Haj. During this period, we the Indian Muslims often save money in unsystematic and traditional manner. Many of us believe that money kept under the bed, pillow, in the pot or even in bank locker is not only safe but also such methods of saving are free of Riba.

Most of us do not like to keep these savings in the conventional banking system to ensure that our pious savings are not utilized for interest based commercial activity prohibited in Shari’ah. Yet, in modern times, at any place other than a bank the safety of savings is not fully guaranteed. This is a paradox.

If we add up individual amounts saved for Haj, we find that a huge amount of money remains stagnant and does not generate any economic activity. This is against Islamic spirit. Also, there is practice of selling off land and property to raise funds for Haj. This again does not contribute to economic growth of the individuals nor of the Millat.

Haj Fund of India has come up with an appropriate solution to this problem in a manner that enhances your sawaab while you save for Haj. It operates as a service agency to facilitate safe keeping of your savings for a pious purpose. The service has passed legal vetting.

Any Indian Muslim can open his or her Haj Account with HFI. Deposits can be made any time in this Haj Account in multiples of thousands. Like, 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 4,000, 5,000, etc ... or more. There is no upper limit. You can deposit as many installments as you wish and you can do so whenever it is convenient to you.

In favour of "HAJ FUND OF INDIA ACCOUNT NO. 603020110000239, BANK OF INDIA" you have to either obtain a bank draft of your money or write an “A/C Payee” cheque and deposit it in any branch of  Bank of India anywhere in the country.

You must write your full name, address and phone number, if any, behind the draft/cheque. Please make two copies of the draft/cheque. After doing so, please fill the Account Opening Form (HFI-A) and send it alongwith a photocopy of your draft or cheque through Speed Post or Registered Post to the following address: CEO, Haj Fund of India, CISRS House, 14 Jangpura B, Mathura Road, New Delhi 110014.

You can also remit your deposits in the above-mentioned account through bank-to-bank transfer.

As regards withdrawal from your account, when you are going to perform Haj, it is very simple.

You have to send to us by post or give us by hand an application in Form HFI-B. We will issue a cheque or pay order in your name or in the name of Haj Committee or your travel agent. Its your choice. It would be sent to you by speed post or registered post or you can collect it in person. Also, the refund amount can be transferred online in your bank account.

HFI has a Shari’ah Advisory Council (see complete list PDF) that advises and supervises it on financial matters. It targets multi-faceted investment projects in conformity with Shari’ah guidelines.

Some part of the Haj Fund of India is utilized to disburse short term microfinance loan to poor Muslims. For example, a Rickshaw puller buys a Rickshaw (instead of paying daily Rickshaw rent to its owner). Out of his savings he pays back the loan (without interest) to Haj Fund of India, over a period of six months.

So, within six months the loan amount comes back after economically empowering the Rickshaw puller.

Also, on the deposits, HFI makes the Zakat payment, on behalf of the depositors to its parent organisation, namely, Zakat Foundation of India.

The account holders get the added satisfaction that HFI provides significant social services through Zakat collected from the depositors’ accounts. This amount is utilised for helping the needy as per the specified Quranic categories, through Zakat Foundation of India.

That way, the sanctity of your Haj savings goes up and you will inshaAllah get greater sawaab of performing Haj. In any case, the much larger purpose of Haj - "the community is more important than the individual" - is adequately served reserving for you a higher pedestal in the Life Hereafter.

HFI also encourages the Indian Muslims to start saving at younger age to be able to go on the pilgrimage when they turn adult. All parts of Indian Muslim society stand proud when they hold an account with HFI as an intending pilgrim (‘Azam-e-Haj).

Throughout history, the 'Haj Economy' has been a source of prosperity. In today’s global economy, the skills associated with Haj — if strategically leveraged — could also become a source of community uplift.

HFI is one of the many examples how Islamic teachings can be implemented in today’s modern world and, once implemented, how useful and beneficial these can be to the individuals as well as for the ummah.
Leveraging Haj savings for community uplift by Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood: TwoCircles

14 Nov 2019. Please click and read


URDU: Haj Fund’s policies click here Urdu > PDF

ENGLISH: Haj Fund’s policies click here > PDF

HINDI: Haj Fund’s policies click here Urdu > PDF

Please download and fill out our 'Account Opening Form' available here > word. Fill the Form and send it by Speed Post or Registered Post to the address listed. Your cheque or bank draft has to be deposited in any branch of BANK OF INDIA. A list of all branches can be found by clicking here >

ASSAMESE: Haj Fund’s policies click here > PDF
ASSAMESE: Haj Fund’s home page click here > PDF

BENGALI: Haj Fund’s policies click here > PDF
BENGALI: Haj Fund’s home page click here > PDF

GUJARATI: Haj Fund’s policies click here    ગુજરાતી   > PDF
GUJARATI: Haj Fund’s home page click here
   ગુજરાતી   > PDF

KANNADA: Haj Fund’s policies click here > PDF
KANNADA: Haj Fund’s home page click here
 > PDF

MALAYALAM: Haj Fund’s policies click here  > PDF
MALAYALAM: Haj Fund’s home page click here

MARATHI: Haj Fund’s policies click here > PDF
MARATHI: Haj Fund’s home page click here

ORIYA: Haj Fund’s policies click here > PDF
ORIYA: Haj Fund’s home page click here

PUNJABI: Haj Fund’s policies click here > PDF
PUNJABI: Haj Fund’s home page click here

TAMIL: Haj Fund’s policies click here   தமிழ்  > PDF
TAMIL: Haj Fund’s home page click here
  தமிழ்  > PDF

TELUGU: Haj Fund’s policies click here   తెలుగు  > PDF
TELUGU: Haj Fund’s home page click here
  తెలుగు  > PDF


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Haj Committee of India do appreciate the idea of floating a separate unit, in the name of Haj Fund of India, for the community benefit and to protect the savings of intending pilgrims in pious Riba-Free safety…”

“The scheme should be given wide publicity through press and electronic media.”

- Haj Committee of India
(Letter GEN/2010/1055, dt. 22 April, 2010)

- Haj Talbiyah 

TALBIYAH (Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik...) Please recite Talbiyah and email your recording at for inclusion of best pieces into one rendering and universal upload (Mention your name, address, email, phone)


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