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›  Invitation: Release of the coffee table book "Taj Mahal's Spiritual
   Message"on 3rd January 2018 at India Islamic Cultural Centre,
   Lodhi Road, New Delhi

     [Posted Dec 28,2017 click here

›  Our problems and their solution - Annual Day of Al-Hikmah Foundation
   Ghalib Academy, New Delhi

     [Posted Dec 25,2017 click here

›  In Azarbaijan capital, Baku, ZFI President spoke at the Conference: 2017
   Year of Islamic Solidarity - Interfaith and Intercultural Dialogue

     [Posted Dec 25,2017 click here

›  Presentation made at Azarbaijan international conference on 2017:
   Year of Islamic Solidarity - Interfaith and Intercultural Dialogue
   on 21 December 2018

     [Posted Dec 21,2017 click here

›  Philanthropist & Social Worker Excellence Award 2017 Presented to
   Janab Zafar Mahmood on 10 Dec 2017 by All India Muslim Advocates Forum
   for Justice, N.D. Aminuddin Educational & Welfare Trust

     [Posted Dec 13,2017 click here

›  Mother Teresa Memorial Awards for Social Justice 2017 to Zakat Foundation
   of India for extending their aid and assistance to the refugees in India

     [Posted Dec 12,2017 click here

›  Civil Services Orientation Program - Powerpoint Presentation
   Bhopal & Lucknow - 03 & 04 December 2017

     [Posted Dec 4,2017 click here

›  Lucknow Orientation Program
     [Posted Dec 4,2017 click here

›  ZFI Bhopal Orientation for Civil Services held on 03 Dec 2017
   650 registered candidates attended from across Madhya Pradesh

     [Posted Dec 3,2017 click here

›  Contribution of Islam and Muslims in the Constituent Assembly
   (Presentation made by Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood on the eve of the
   Constitution Day in the program held in the Constitution Club,
   New Delhi on 26 Nov 2017)

     [Posted Nov 28,2017 click here

›  ZFI’s Civil Services Orientation Programs at Lucknow & Bhopal
   Rashtriya Sahara Urdu mein Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood Sb ke mazmoon
   batareekh 23 Nov ba’unwaan “Civil Services Orientation ka Bhopal Model”
   ka audio mulahiza farmayen. Voice: Dr. Afaque Nadeem Khan, Assistant
   Professor, College of Teacher Education MANUU, Bhopal

     [Posted Nov 28,2017 click here

›  ZFI has entered into a collaboration with MP Waqf Board to begin
   civil services work in WB premises at Bhopal. And to advise MPWB
   reg it’s project of establishing Islamic University in Bhopal

     [Posted Nov 14,2017 click here

›  ZFI Prez addressed civil services aspirants at Central Haj Committee,
   Mumbai. Dr Maqsood Ahmad Khan, CEO, CHC had invited him.
   Earlier, indoor meeting was held with him to mull over improving
   CHC’s civil services methodology. 11 Nov 2017.

     [Posted Nov 12,2017 click here

›  Madarsa Education in India: Exploring new Paradigms
   Darul Huda Islamic University & Jamia Millia Islamia

     [Posted Nov 07,2017 click here

›  Hyderabad Workshop on “Education to Entrepreneurship” 27 Oct 2017
     [Posted Nov 06,2017 click here

›  ZFI Jr Fellowship Orientation - New Delhi 21 October 2017
     [Posted Oct 21,2017 click here

›  Saiyid Hamid Foundation inaugurated at India International Centre,
   New Delhi

     [Posted Oct 10,2017 click here

›  Suu Kyi stripped of Oxford award over Rohingya policy
     [Posted Oct 3,2017 click here

›  Rohingyas in India Worried About Government Plan to Deport Them
     [Posted Oct 3,2017 click here

›  Appraising the Rohingya refugee situation by Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood
     [Posted Sep 25,2017 click here

›  Additional List of 17 candidates dated 22 September 2017
     [Posted Sep 22,2017 click here

›  Pope receives Muslim World League chief:
   Vatican Muslim cooperation for coexistence reviewed

     [Posted Sep 21,2017 click here

›  ZFI's help in Bihar floods 2017
     [Posted Aug 28,2017 click here

›  Super Genius Kid Tanmay Bakshi (studying in 8th, 13 year old)
   explaining IBM Watson and Artificial / Augmented intelligence
   machine learning. Watch this video.. his confidence, presence
   of mind and presentation is just amazing terrific.

     [Posted Aug 24,2017 click here

›  Kill Us Here, But Don't Deport Us, Plead Rohingya Muslims (#SundayRead)
     [Posted Aug 20,2017 click here

›  ZFI's Civil Services orientation program held in Allahabad on
   13 August 2017

     [Posted Aug 16,2017 click here

›  ZFI Fellows 2017-18 - Additional List of 11 candidates
   dated 11 August 2017

     [Posted Aug 12,2017 click here

›  Twenty two candidates of Zakat Foundation of India
   have passed the UPSC Prelims Examination 2017 result
   for which was declared on 28 July 2017

     [Posted July 29,2017 click here

›  Pope Francis' efforts to promote inter-religious unity:
   A lesson for current day India

     [Posted July 22,2017 click here

›  Pope Francis ki ittehadi tag-o-dau, Hind ke tanazir mein
   Rashtriya Sahara 20 July 2017
   (Unifying efforts of Pope Francis, in the context of India)

     [Posted July 20,2017 click here

›  Civil Services Felicitation - Greetings by
   Maulana Mahmood Madani of Jamiatul Ulema

     [Posted June 24,2017 click here

›  ZFI Fellows Felicitation 2017 and Presentation
     [Posted June 21,2017 click here

›  Zinda har ek cheez hai koshish-e natamaam se
   (Rashtriya Sahaya 8 June 2017)

     [Posted June 08, 2017]  click here

›  Meet ex-IRS Officer Whose NGO Trains Kashmiri Youths
   to Clear UPSC Exam

     [Posted June 02, 2017]  click here

›  16 ZFI Fellows selected for Civil Services
   (UPSC Result declared on 31 May 2017)

     [Posted May 31, 2017]  click here

›  List of ZFI Fellows selected for civil services coaching session 2017-18
     [Posted May 19, 2017]  click here

›  ZFI's Civil Services Selection: List of candidates who have qualified
   for interview on 30 April 2017 click here

     [Posted Apr 29, 2017]  click here

›  Written Test for annual selection of ZFI Fellows held in
   New Delhi - 29.04.2017

     [Posted Apr 29, 2017]  click here

›  Meeting regarding new expanded Sir Syed Coaching & Guidance Centre
   for Civil Services

     [Posted Apr 13, 2017]  click here

›  Rohingyas: The nowhere people whom no one wants
     [Posted Apr 6, 2017]  click here

›  Electronic voting machine wa jamhooriat ke andeshe
   الکٹرانک ووٹنگ مشین و جمہوریت کے اندیشے

     [Posted Apr 6, 2017]  click here

›  Electronic voting machines (EVMs) deserve multi-party control
     [Posted Apr 1, 2017]  click here

›  Good news - Mabrook - Based on her professional course and through
   Amity Univ campus selection, ZFI's Happy Home girl Najma Ayub
   (from Gujarat) has been appointed as Travel Advisor by
   M/S Travelocious Pvt Ltd. May Allah bless. Aameen

     [Posted Mar 21, 2017] 

›  ZFI's UPSC Civil Services interview preparation rehearsals
   March April 2017

     [Posted Mar 11, 2017]  click here

›  On 25 Feb 2017, ZFI Prez addressed the candidates for
   Staff Selection Commission Exam in Delhi at SSC30
   organized by Mr Fahad Rahman and his associates

     [Posted Feb 25, 2017]  click here

›  18 ZFI Fellows successful - UPSC Mains Result 2016 declared
     [Posted Feb 22, 2017]  click here

›  UAE's City on Mars - 2117: Congrats HH Sheikh Mohammad for your vision
     [Posted Feb 17, 2017]  click here

›  All-India consultations on Muslim educational empowerment
     [Posted Feb 17, 2017]  click here

›  ZFI Civil Services Application Procedure & Terms
     [Posted Feb 9, 2017]  click here

›  Importance of married life in Islam - Presentation made in New York
     [Posted Jan 13, 2017]  click here

›  Extracts from President Obama's Farewell Address
   Chicago, January 10, 2017

     [Posted Jan 10, 2017]  click here

›  2017 Chunao ke liye Ghor o Fikr
     [Posted Jan 7, 2017]  click here

›  Important discussion with Maulana Wali Rahmani, General Secretary,
   AIMPLB on Law Commission of India's appeal regarding
   Uniform Civil Code, Pune 24 Dec 2016

     [Posted Jan 7, 2017]  click here

›  Going round New Grace School, Pune flanked by Maulana Wali Rahmani
   and Mr PA Inamdar - Dec 2016

     [Posted Jan 2, 2017]  click here



›  Sachar Committee Report - Decadal Review of the implementation
   Gandhi Peace Foundation, New Delhi - 22 Dec 2016
   ZFI President's PowerPoint presentation

     [Posted Dec 22, 2016]  click here

›  Iqbal Academy India's program at Vice President's residence
     [Posted Dec 19, 2016]  click here

›  Release of the book 'Matn Shinasi' by Hon'ble Vice President of India
     [Posted Dec 15, 2016]  click here

›  Iqbal Academy India Program on 18 Dec 2016
     [Posted Dec 18, 2016]  click here

›  Local Committee's visit to AMU Land in Bahraich
     [Posted Dec 10, 2016]  click here

›  Addressed senior students of Sir Syed College, Bahraich
   inspiring them to prepare for civil services

     [Posted Dec 10, 2016]  click here

›  Daily Telegraph, Kolkata : Language test for uniform code push
     [Posted Dec 2, 2016]  click here

›  Moradabad Presentation 27 Nov 2016
     [Posted Nov 28, 2016]  click here

›  A child speaks at UN
     [Posted Nov 27, 2016]  click here

›  Uniform Civil Code - Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood's
   Response to Law Commission of India's Questionnaire
   on Uniform Civil Code
   Response No. 2 dated 17 November 2016 emailed to the Hon'ble Chairman,
   Law Commission of India, New Delhi

     [Posted Nov 18, 2016]  click here

›  Uniform Civil Code - Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood's
   Response no. 1 dated 04.11.2016 to the Appeal dated 07.10.2016
   made by the Law Commission of India

     [Posted Nov 5, 2016]  click here

›  Apni duniya aap paida kar agar zindon me hai
     [Posted Oct 25, 2016]  click here

›  UP Election 2017 (UP Assembly Seats) - Lucknow Presentation 22.10.16
   Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood

     [Posted Oct 24, 2016]  click here

›  Article on Surya Namaskar (Hindi Version Too) - Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood
   Surya Namaskar Mumbai inter-religious discrimination and fundamental
   civil rights in order to cut

     [Posted Oct 15, 2016]  click here

›  سوریہ نمسکار صرف ورزش نہیں پوجا بھی ہے
   Surya Namaskar sirf warzish nahin puja bhi hai
   Roznama Sahara, 22 Sep 2016

     [Posted Sep 22, 2016]  click here

›  List of ZFI Fellows who have passed the Civil Services Prelims Exam, 2016
     [Posted Sep 19, 2016]  click here

›  In Aligarh, ZFI Prez addressed AMU Women's College students
   motivating them to go in for Civil. Vice Chancellor Gen Zamiruddin Shah
   & Mrs Shah can be seen among the audience.

     [Posted August 12, 2016]  click here

›  ZFI Jr Fellowship Orientation Program at Jaipur (07 Aug 2016)
   being addressed by Mr Unice Rishin Ismail IAS 2014 Batch
   (Former ZFI Fellow)

     [Posted August 8, 2016]  click here

›  Happy Home Bahraich (UP) children enjoy the rainy season
     [Posted July 31, 2016]  click here

›  Civil Services Orientation
   Some of the persons who have so far organized Civil Services Orientation
   Program in their districts and invited ZFI to address the audience:

   Allahabad (UP) Mr Ehsanullah Khan 9450621486
   Alwar (Rajasthan) Mr Noor Mohammad 9413304746
   Bijapur (Karnataka) Dr Khalid Muqeem 9945129415
   Bhatkal (Karnataka) Mr Aftab Kola 9743411360, 9448858582
   Pune (Maharashtra) Mr A. J. Khan 9423016100
   Jaipur (Rajasthan) Sri A. R. Khan 9414028599

     [Posted July 27, 2016]

›  ZFI Fellows 2016-17 - Additional List
     [Posted July 22, 2016]  click here

›  Rajya Sabha vacancies
   VACANCIES have been announced by Rajya Sabha for Senior Executive,
   Junior Parliamentary Reporter & Interpreter, Stenographer, Sr Assistant,
   Library Assistant. Application online. www.rajyasabha.nic.in

     [Posted July 18, 2016]  click here

›  ZFI President addressed civil services orientation program
   at Allahabad on 17 July 2016

     [Posted July 18, 2016]  click here

›  Dr Zafar Mahmood's presentation on civil services - IICC, 10 July 2016
     [Posted July 10, 2016]  click here

›  ZFI Fellows 2016 Batch felicitated in New Delhi on 10 July 2016
     [Posted July 10, 2016]  click here

›  Indian Social Reformer Facilitated
   (Daily newspaper 'Saudi Gazette', Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) 16 June 2016)

     [Posted June 17, 2016]  click here

›  ZFI awards to encourage both meritorious girls
     [Posted June 5, 2016]  click here

›  List of ZFI Fellows selected for 2016-17 (on the basis of test &
   interview conducted May/June 2016 at Srinagar, Calicut, Kolkatta
   & New Delhi)

     [Posted June 4, 2016]  click here

›  Meeting with IDB official in Jeddah
     [Posted June 2, 2016]  click here

›  Bharuch (Gujarat) delegation visits ZFI
     [Posted June 2, 2016]  click here

›  List of Candidates to be interviewed on 2nd June 2016
     [Posted June 1, 2016]  click here

›  Open bid for Haj air transport to cut cost for Indian pilgrims
     [Posted May 29, 2016]  click here

›  ZFI Civil Services Test to select candidates for Prelims 2017
   was held in Kolkata on 28 May 2016

     [Posted May 29, 2016]  click here

›  ZFI President Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood addressing Makkah Indian Forum
   in Makkah-Al-Mukarramah on 20 May 2016 on "21st century Indian Muslim

     [Posted May 23, 2016


›  17 ZFI Fellows finally selected in Civil Services - Click here for the List
     [Posted May 11, 2016]  click here

›  Age Limit extended to 27 years in Selection Procedure of ZFI Fellows 2016
   (For Prelims 2017)

›  Discussion on Peace - Dharamshala
     [Posted May 03, 2016]  click here

›  Urdu & English Articles reg ongoing AMU Case in SC
   by Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood

     [Posted Apr 28, 2016]  click here

›  ZFI Prez addresses WB Muslims
     [Posted Apr 24, 2016]  click here

›  ANNOUNCED: Selection Procedure of ZFI Fellows 2016 (for Prelims 2017)
     [Posted Apr 19, 2016]  click here

›  List of 32 candidates who have been given interview rehearsals
   (usually 2-3 each) by ZFI during Feb-April 2016, preparing them for
   UPSC Civil Services interviews 2016

     [Posted Apr 15, 2016]  click here

›  AMU's Minority Character, the Judiciary and the Executive
     [Posted Apr 12, 2016]  click here

›  West Bengal Muslim Expectations, Kolkata
     [Posted Apr 02, 2016]  click here

›  Ittehaad-e Millat اتحاد ملت
     [Posted Mar 27, 2016]  click here

›  Watan ki fikr kar nadaan: PowerPoint
     [Posted Mar 7, 2016]  click here

›  Agra Speeches -
   Jointly signed letters submitted to President & Chief Justice

     [Posted Mar 4, 2016]  click here

›  Fikr-e Watan Seminar in Kolkata 25 Feb 2016
     [Posted Feb 26, 2016]  click here

Congratulations all those who've passed the UPSC Mains Exam 2016. Like earlier years, Zakat Foundation of India will be organizing in Delhi multiple interview rehearsals conducted by panels comprising top bureaucrats, ex UPSC interviewers etc. Interested candidates may please write email to us at info@zakatindia.org giving your full name, address, phone no. and UPSC Roll No.

›  ZFI Prez as chief guest at Annual MESCO Program in Mumbai
   09 January 2016

     [Posted Jan 14, 2016]  click here

›  AMU's minority status case in SC: PM Modi must intervene with
   HRD Ministry

     [Posted Jan 14, 2016]  click here


›  Appeasing the Relatives: Article of Faith
     [Posted Oct 15, 2014]  click here

›  Fulfilling the neighbors' privileges
     [Posted Oct 15, 2014]  click here

›  ZFI Prez addressing civil services aspirants of Maharashtra in Mumbai
    [Posted Dec 30, 2015]  click here

›  Modi's statesman like Lahore trip: Must create mirror image at home
    [Posted Dec 29, 2015]  click here

›  ZFI help in riot affected Azizpur (Bihar)
   [Posted Dec 13, 2015]  click here

›  O, Texas clock boy's family !
   Stay put in U.S., use the moment as venture capital

    [Posted Oct 25, 2015]  click here

›  Bihar Assembly Constituencies - An Analysis
    [Posted Oct, 2015]  click here

›  AFMI Silver Jubilee, Boston - Muslims Political Under-representation 
   click here

›  AFMI Silver Jubilee, Boston - The Panacea is in our hand  click here
    [Posted Aug 29, 2015] 

›  Government not at fault for low Muslim presence in bureaucracy)
   [Posted Aug 01, 2015]  click here

›  ZFI Fellowship Batch of 2015-16 (Part III)
   [Posted July 31, 2015]  click here

›  Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood's interview publisehed in Madhyamam Newspaper
    [Posted July 28, 2015]  click here

›  Eid-ul-Fitr Namaz (Salat -Salah) in God's Grace School South Campus,
   South of Kalindi Kunj, Facing River Yamuna - Kanchan Kunj,
   New Delhi - 8.45 am

    [Posted July 4, 2015]

›  UGC - Maulana Azad National Fellowship for Minority Students -
   MPhil & PhD
   University Grants Commission (UGC)
   LAST DATE 31 JULY 2015

›  Record of 15 ZFI Fellows inducted into Civil Services!
    [Posted July 4, 2015]  click here

›  Times of India, Mumbai 24 June 2015 - Use zakat money to promote modern education
    [Posted June, 24, 2015]  click here

›  Need to streamline Zakat & Sadaqah administration in the world
    [Posted June, 22, 2015]  click here

›  PM and minorities - RSTV debate
    [Posted June 9, 2015]  click here

  ZFI Fellowship Batch of 2015-16
    [Posted May 12, 2015]  click here

› List of selected candidates for Interview on Sunday, 26 April, 2015
   [Posted Apr 25, 2015]  click here

› 9 ZFI Fellows qualify for UPSC Civil Service Personality Test 2015.
[Posted Apr 18, 2015]  click here

› Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood, President, ICP & ZFI and Chairman, God's Grace at Int'l Media Conclave, Hyderabad - 2015
[Posted Apr 22, 2015]  click here

› Turn Riba into charity - ZFI President's research paper - Glasgow University Conference on Islamic Finance
[Posted Apr 17, 2015]  click here

› Cheen mein darhi par saza aur millat ki pazhmurdgi
چین میں داڑھی پر سزا اور ملت کی پژمردگی
[Posted Apr 2, 2015]
  click here

› China court jails man for growing beard:
  ZFI writes to PM Modi and Chinese Ambassado
[Posted Apr 1, 2015]
  click here

› While donating all his $ 785 million wealth for charity: I WANT TO BE THE PEBBLE IN THE POND THAT CREATES RIPPLES FOR CHANGE - Tim Cook - March 27, 2015
[Posted Mar 28, 2015]
  click here

› Zakat Foundation Bulletin: Jan to Mar 2015
[Posted Mar 28, 2015]
  click here

› Maulana Shamsuddin Qasmi, Chief Imam of Makkah Masjid, Chennai and Chairman, IAS Academy of the masjid visited ZFI headquarters and discussed possible collaboration with ZFI
[Posted Mar 26, 2015]
  click here

› Hashimpura: Chashm-e nam jaan-e shoreeda kafi nahin
ہاشم پورہ: چشم نم جان شوریدە کافی نہیں
[Posted Mar 26, 2015]
  click here

ZFI Pres at South India NGOs Conf in Bangalore, 14 March 2015 click here

› Wujood afraad ka majaazi hai
وجود افراد کا مجازی ہے
[Posted Mar 12, 2015]  click here

› Budget ka paigham Muslamanon ke naam
بجٹ کا پیغام مسلمانوں کے نام
[Posted Mar 5, 2015]  click here

› Muslim mukhalif rujhaan par Obama ki giraft
مسلم مخالف رجحان پر اوباماکی گرفت
[Posted Feb 27, 2015]  click here

› Mardum Shumari 2011 aur taaza Municipal hadbandi
مردم شماری 2011 اور تازہ میونسپل حدبندی
[Posted Feb 19, 2015]  click here

› Muslim expectations from AAP
اےاےپی حکومت سے مسلمانوں کی امیدیں
ए ए पि हुकूमत से मिल्लत की उम्मीदें

[Posted Feb 11, 2015]  click here

ملت بے چین لیکن عمل کا فقدان
Millat bechain Lenin amal ka fuqdaan

[Posted Feb 6, 2015]  click here

Obama's internal-peace proviso to upgrade US-India ties
भारत-अमरीका संबंधों की उन्नति के लिए ओबामा की शर्त: भारत में आन्तरिक-शान्ति स्थिति सुधारी जाए
[Posted Feb 1, 2015]  click here

اوباما نے نوبیل امن انعام کی لاج رکھ لی
Obama ne Nobel Amn Inam ki laaj rakh li

[Posted Jan 29, 2015]  click here

President Obama urges India's leaders and youth to pursue religious pluralism.
osted Jan 27, 2014]  click here


پیرس کا سانحە سب کے لۓ سبق آموز
Post Paris - Let some of us stand apart

[Posted Jan 22, 2015]  click here

کواچی برادر اور یوروپی فراست
Kouachis of Paris and Continental Sagacity - by Syed Zafar Mahmood
फ्रान्स के कुवाची भाई और यूरोपीय बुद्धिमत्ता

[Posted Jan 15, 2015]  click here

اب بھی درخت طور سے آتی ہےبانگ لا تخف
Ab bhi dear darakht-e Toor se aati hai baaing-e 'La-takhaf'
Rashtriya Sahara 8 Jan 2015 c

[Posted Jan 8, 2015]  click here


مرد درویش سید حامد
Marde-e darvesh Saiyid Hamid
Rashtriya Sahara 1 Jan 2015

[Posted Jan 1, 2015]  click here



Civil Services orientation (Pune) 14.12.2014
[Posted Jan 17, 2014]  click here

ZFI Civil Service Orientation Program at Lucknow 19 Oct 2014
[Posted Oct 20, 2014]  click here

Strong case for deleting para 3 in Presidential Order of 1950: A response to Social Justice Minister Gehlot
[Posted Oct 16, 2014]  click here

نریندر مودی بنام وزیر سماجی انصاف گہلوت
Narendra Modi banaam wazir samaaji insaaf Gehlot
Rashtriya Sahara 16 Oct 2014

[Posted Oct 16, 2014]  click here

प्रधानमंत्री मोदी बनाम सामाजिक न्याय मंत्री गहलोत
[Posted Oct 16, 2014]  click here

Appeasing the Relatives: Article of Faith
[Posted Oct 15, 2014]  click here

Fulfilling the neighbors' privileges
[Posted Oct 15, 2014]  click here

Eleven Candidates of Zakat Foundation of India have qualified in the UPSC Civil Services Prelims Exam 2014 whose result has been declared today (13 Oct 2014)
[Posted Oct 13, 2014]  click here


ہم اپنا کھویا ہوا وقار واپس لا سکتے ہیں
Ham apna khoya huwa viqar wapas la sakte hain
Rashtriya Sahara 9 Oct 2014

[Posted Oct 9, 2014]  click here

صلح حدیبیہ کی مصلحت کا عالمگیر سبق
Sulh-e-Hudaybiya ki maslehat ka alamgir sabaq
Rashtriya Sahara 1 Oct 2014

[Posted Oct 2, 2014]  click here

Indonesian delegation calls on ZFI President
[Posted September Oct 1, 2014]  click here

ZFI President meets Lt. Governor of Delhi
[Posted September 25, 2014]  click here

بدلے ہوے قومی سیاسی حالات اور ہم
Badley huwey qaumi siyasi halaat aur ham
Rashtriya Sahara 25 September 2014

[Posted September 25, 2014]  click here

Jehad combats inner destructive emotions - Everybody carries jehad in the heart, including me, says Dalai Lama
[Posted September 22, 2014]  click here

Lt Governor Najeeb Jung with spiritual leader Dalai Lama and other spiritual leaders at the meeting of Diverse Spiritual Traditions of India in New Delhi
[Posted September 22, 2014]  click here

Can apply for Projects related to Allama Iqbal
Hindustan Times, 21 Sept 2014

[Posted September 21, 2014]  click here

کشمیر ہماری طویل توجہ کا متمنی ہے
Kashmir hamari taveel tavajjoh ka mutamanni hai
Rashtriya Sahara 18 September 2014

[Posted September 20, 2014]  click here

کشمیریوں کے امتحان کی گھڑی اور ہم
Kashmiriyon ke imtehaan ki gharee aur ham
Rashtriya Sahara 11 September 2014

[Posted September 20, 2014]  click here

Half a million yet to be rescued in Kashmir
[Posted September 11, 2014]  click here


آٴیے ہم اپنے کو اندر سے مضطوط بناٴیں
Aaeeyey ham apne ko andar se mazboot banaayein
Rashtriya Sahara 4 September 2014

[Posted September 4, 2014]  click here

حج کے لۓ بچت سے اضافی ثواب ممکن
Hamarey challenge aur hamari khud nigehdari
Rashtriya Sahara 28 August 2014

[Posted August 28, 2014]  click here



حج کے لۓ بچت سے اضافی ثواب ممکن
Haj ke liye bachat se izafi sawaab mumkin
Rashtriya Sahara 21 August 2014

[Posted August 21, 2014]  click here


رشتہ داری برتنے کے شرعی احکامات
Rishtedari baratne ke shara'ee ahkamaat
Rashtriya Sahara 14 August 2014

[Posted August 14, 2014]  click here

وزیر اعظم کے نام میرا خط
Wazir-e-Azam ke naam mera khat
Rashtriya Sahara 7 August 2014

[Posted August 07, 2014]  click here

EID MILAN Presentation in New Delhi 03 August 2014
[Posted August 06, 2014]  click here

مسلم اثر والی نشستوں کی رزرویشن سے آزادی
Muslim Asar wali nashiston ki reservation se azadi
Rashtriya Sahara 31 July 2014

[Posted July 31, 2014]  click here

قومی بجٹ اور ہمارے قول و فعل
Qaumi budget aur hamarey qaul o fe'l
Rashtriya Sahara 17 July 2014

[Posted July 17, 2014]  click here

کہیں جہاد کے بعد فتوے کا نمبر تو نہیں ؟
Kahin jihad ke baad fatwey ka number to nahin ?
Rashtriya Sahara 10 July 2014

[Posted July 10, 2014]  click here

ہمارا تقاضہ نگہداشت
Hamara taqaza-e nigehdaasht
Rashtriya Sahara 3 July 2014

[Posted July 03, 2014]  click here

73-year-old Tamil Nadu librarian Mr Palam Kalyanasundaram donated Rs 30 crore to the uneducated poor
[Posted July 01, 2014]  click here

رمضان المبارک اور ملی اولوالعزمی
Ramzanul Mubarak aur milli ulul-azmi
Rashtriya Sahara 26 June 2014

[Posted June 26, 2014]  click here

Chicago presentation - Nuances of Community Uplift - 21 June 2014 - AMU Old Boys Federation
[Posted June 23, 2014]  click here
  (kindly wait for some time to load)

وزیر اعظم کی زیتونی شاخ اور ہم
Wazir-a-Azam ki zaituni shaakh aur ham
Rashtriya Sahara 19 June 2014

[Posted June 19, 2014]  click here

13 ZFI candidates inducted into Civil Services per final results
[Posted June 12, 2014]  click here>

عالمی کانفرنس: زکواۃ، صدقہ، انفاق اور قل العفو
Aalami Conference: Zakat, Sadaqah, Infaaq aur Qulil 'Afwa
Rashtriya Sahara 05 June 2014

[Posted June 05, 2014]  click here

ZFI President's presentation at World Zakat Conference, New York, 28-29 May 2014 - Organized collection & institutionalized utilization of Zakat, Sadaqah, Infaaq and Qulil 'Afwa at micro & macro levels in India - A well-tested practice
[Posted June 1, 2014]  click here>

تندی باد مخالف سے نہ گھبرا اۓ عقاب
Tundi-e baad-e mukhalif se na ghabra aye uqaab
Rashtriya Sahara 29 May 2014

[Posted May29, 2014]  click here>

بغیر مسلم ووٹ کے یہ جیت اتفاقیہ ہے
Baghair Muslim vote ke yeh jeet ittefaqiya hai
Rashtriya Sahara 22 May 2014

[Posted May25, 2014]  click here>

تین پارٹیوں کے انتخابی منشوروں کا جاٴیزہ
Teen partiyon ke intekhabi manshooron ka jaayeza
Rashtriya Sahara 15 May 2014

[Posted May15, 2014]  click here>

تین پارٹیوں کے انتخابی منشوروں کا جاٴیزہ
Teen partiyon ke intekhabi manshooron ka jaayeza
Rashtriya Sahara 15 May 2014

[Posted May15, 2014]  click here>

ہمیں ملت کی باگڈور سنبھالنی ہی ہو گی
Hamein millat ki baagdor sambhaalni hi ho gi
Rashtriya Sahara 08 May 2014

[Posted May 8, 2014]  click here>

ZFI President Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood addressing a NRI Meet at MIT: Indian Election 2014  -  30 April 2014. TwoCircles.net chief Kashiful Huda compered.
[Posted May 01, 2014]  click here

Barkha Dutt ka ummed afza tv show Published in Rashtriya Sahara 01 May 2014
[Posted May 01, 2014]  click here

ZFI President Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood addresses Harvard University seminar on Islamic Finance
[Posted Apr 27, 2014]  click here

Got Silver Medal in SDA School, Bahraich
Resident of Happy Home, Bahraich
> Nasir Husain Sheikh
> Son of Mr. Abdul Haleem Sheikh (Kokrajhar, Assam)
> Class : L.K.G.s

[Posted Apr 26, 2014]


شیکھر گپتا، ہرش مندر و خانوادہ بسم الله خان
Shekhar Gupta, Harsh Mandar wa Khanvada-e Bismillah Khan
Rashtriya Sahara 24 April 2014

[Posted Apr 24, 2014]  click here>

List of candidates selected as ZFI fellows 2014 for civil services
[Posted Apr 13, 2014]  click here

List of candidates selected for Interview to be held on Sunday, 13 April 2014
[Posted Apr 12, 2014]  click here

ابیل کی کنکری آپ کے پاس ہے
Ababeel ki kankari aapke paas hai - Rashtriya Sahara 10 April 2014
[Posted Apr 10, 2014]  click here>

A happier, safer haven away from home (The Hindu, 8 April 2014)
[Posted Apr 10, 2014]  click here

ZFI Civil Services Interview Rehearsals 03 April 2014
[Posted Apr 4, 2014]  click here

مقام اپنی خودی کا فاش تر کر
Sachar Committee ke khilaaf Gujarat hukumat ka halafnama - 20 Mar 2014
[Posted Apr 3, 2014]  click here>

سچر کمیٹی کے خلاف گجرات حکومت کا حلف نامہ
Muqam apni khudi ka faash tar kar - 03 Apr 2014
[Posted Mar 29, 2014]  click here>

الکشن 2014 - یہ گھڑی محشر کی ہے
Election 2014 - Yeh gharee mahshar ki hai - Rashtriya Sahara
[Posted Mar 20, 2014]  click here>

8 ZFI fellows clear UPSC Mains Exam
[Posted Mar 14, 2014]  click here>

چنئ پروگرام : دستور ہند، اقلیتی حقوق اور اردو
[Posted Mar 13, 2014]  click here>

روہنگیا مہاجر اور ملت اسلامیہ
Rohingya mahajir aur millat-e Islamiayah - Rashtriya Sahara
[Posted Mar 6, 2014]  click here>

ملک کی رزرویشن پالسی اور ہم
Mulk ki reservation policy aur ham - Rashtriya Sahara
[Posted Feb 27, 2014]  click here>

اپنا سا منہ لے کے رہ گۓ مسلمان
Apna sa munh ke ke rah gayey Musalman
[Posted Feb 20, 2014]  click here> or click here>

ZFI President took up the case of Myanmar's (Burmese) Rohingya refugees in Delhi at all-India meeting hosted by UN High Commissioner for Refugees
[Posted Feb 15, 2014]  click here>

نە سمجھو گے تو مٹ جاٴو گے
Na samjho ge to mit jao ge .... (Rashtriya Sahara 13 Feb 2014)
[Posted Feb 15, 2014]  click here> or click here>

Current developments in Indian Muslim community
Presentation made at Frankfurt (Germany) - 10 Feb 2014
[Posted Feb 11, 2014]  click here>

فہیم کےساتھ کیا گیا سلوک مسلمانوں کی توہین
Faheem ke sath kiya gaya sulook, musalmano ki tauheen
[Posted Feb 1, 2014]  click here>

Election Commission of India reply of deregistration of Samajwadi Party
[Posted Jan 30, 2014]  click here>

ہمارا دین اور ہماری انتخابی حکمت عملی
Hamara deen aur hamari intekhabi hikmat-e amali
30 Jan 2014
[Posted Jan 30, 2014]  click here>

Mr Salman Khurshid's acknowledgement
[Posted Jan 29, 2014]  Acknowledgement>    ZFI Letter>

Aqalliyaton se Wazir-e-Azam ke khitaab ka jaaeza
اقلیتوں سے وزیر اعظم کے خطاب کا جاٴزہ
Rashtriya Sahara 23 January 2014
[Posted Jan 24, 2014]  click here>


A.P. Waqf Board action against Marriott Hotel [Posted Jan 22, 2014]  click here>

De-reserve Muslim predominant constituencies: Appoint Delimitation Commission immediately [Posted Jan 13, 2014]  click here>

ZFI petitions Election Commission of India to derecognise Samajwadi Party for its failure to bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India
[Posted Jan 12 2014]  click here>

Online registration of Muzaffarnagar displaced persons
[Posted Jan 07 2014]  click here>

Muslims set terms to support Arvind Kejriwal
[Posted Jan 07 2014]  click here>

BBC-Hindi interviews ZFI President on non-implemntation of Sachar report.
[Posted December 29, 2013]
  click here >


مسلمانوں کی محرومیاں اور راہل گاندھی
[Posted December 29, 2013]  click here>

Aam Aadmi Party aur Musalmaan - عام آدمی پارٹی و مسلمان
[Posted December 29, 2013]  click here>

Muslims seek support on 20-point plan - Times of India 17 Dec 2013
[Posted December 28, 2013]  click here>

Muzaffarnagar relief work: ZFI continues to provide aid
[Posted December 25, 2013]  click here>

Muslim Electoral Declaration - 20 point demand
[Posted Nov 19, 2013]  click here>


NEUPA - Minority Education, beyond Sachar Committee
[Posted Nov 5 2013]  click here>

[Posted Nov 3 2013]  click here>

Pune Presentation
[Posted Oct 27 2013]  click here>

Eid-al-Azha 2013 - Some of the riot affected children in ZFI's Happy Home
[Posted Oct 18 2013]  click here>

Eid-al-Azha Namaz 2013 under ZFI arrangement at God's Grace School, New Delhi
[Posted Oct 17 2013]  click here>

[Posted Oct 17 2013]  click here>

Haj Sermon 2013 on Mount Arafat
[Posted Oct 15 2013]  click here>

Imams urged to use pulpits of mosques to demand Muslim empowerment
[Posted Oct 14 2013]  click here>

No elections in Muzaffarnagar till Muslims are back home: Zafar Mehmood
[Posted Oct 14 2013]  click here>


"Indian Muslims increasingly disenchanted"
[Posted Oct 7,2013]  click here>

وقف بل میں اب بھی کچھ ترمیمات ضروری ہیں
[Posted Oct 5 2013]  click here>

Letter to Prime Minister on Delimitation Commission
[Posted Oct 2 2013]  click here>

Times of India 26 Sept 2013, New Delhi P19
Govt may put off tough decisions: WHY NOT DELIMITATION COMMISSION?
[Posted September 26 2013]  click here>

Hindustan Times 24 Sept 2013
Minorities bore brunt of communal violence in UP
[Posted September 26 2013]  click here>   Can also be seen at click here>

Speaking to NRIs in Dubai on Indian Muslim situation 19 Sept 2013

[Posted September 20 2013]  click here>

Muzaffarnagar Situation & Solutions : Long-term & short-term
[Posted September 19 2013]  click here>

Muzaffarnagar carnage: Muslim leaders express displeasure with PM
[Posted September 17 2013]
  click here>

Muslim delegation meets Prime Minister on Muzaffarnagar riots
PM meeting
[Posted September 17 2013]
  click here>

Muslim leaders meet Prime Minister - The Hindu 17.09.2013
[Posted September 17 2013]  click here>

Muslim leaders disappointed with PM - Times of India 17.09.2013
[Posted September 17 2013]  click here>


[Posted September 16 2013]  click here>

20 UPA Actions expected by Muslims (PPT)
[Posted September 12 2013]  click here>

Advisory issued by H.E. on Amnesty to help the Indian nationals for their benefit...
[Posted June 14 2013]  click here>

Scheduled Caste status for Dalit Christians, Muslims sought, The Hindu Newspaper
[Posted June 8 2013]  click here>

Iqbal on Khudi PPT
[Posted May 29 2013]  click here>

यह मालो दौलतो दुनिया....
[Posted May 31 2013]  click here>

یہ مال ودولت و دنیا
[Posted May 27 2013]  click here>

राजनीतिक वार्ताः मिल्लत के लिए या व्यक्तिगत हित के लिए
[Posted May 18 2013]  click here>

ZFI's Refresher Course for Imams: A section of participants
[Posted May 15 2013]  click here>

Article: آئے مستی احوال سے نکل کر چستی کردار کی طرف چلیں
[Posted May 14 2013]  click here>

Eight ZFI Fellows successful - UPSC Civil Services Result 2013 declared
[Posted May 3 2013]  click here>

Lucknow Rally of Muslims, Christians and Scheduled Castes - 20 April 2013
[Posted Apr 30 2013]  click here>

Civil Services Exam 2014 - Selection of ZFI Fellows 2013
[Posted Apr 28 2013]  click here>

Civil Services Exam 2014 - Selection of ZFI Fellows 2013
[Posted Apr 27 2013]  click here>

کیا ہم خاموش تماشائی بنے رہیں گے؟
[Posted Apr 16 2013]  click here>

World Muslim minorities colloquium sees opportunity to reposition the community
[Posted Apr 13 2013]  click here>

ZFI responds to Pope Francis' interfaith dialogue invite
[Posted Mar 25 2013]  click here>

Ashab-e-Suffa Institute for Imams & Khatibs
[Posted Mar 10 2013]  click here>

Collaborating with Scheduled Castes and Christians
[Posted Mar 9 2013] click here>

National Muslim Stretagy: We need to change gear
ملی حکمت عملی: ہمیں پیادے سے فرزین بننا ہوگا
[Posted Mar 5 2013]   click here>

Admission in Sarvodaya Schools
[Posted Feb 26 2013]  click here>

Happy Homes - Delhi Government's certification
[Posted Feb 26 2013]  click here>  1  |  2  |  3

ZFI's Institute for Imams & Khateebs
[Posted Feb 24 2013]  click here>

Seven ZFI Fellows cleared UPSC Mains 2012 (Results declared on 22 Feb 2013)
[Posted Feb 22 2013]  click here>

Muslim charter of demands to UPA chairperson: Media Coverage
[Posted Feb 20 2013]  click here>

Muslim charter of demands to UPA chairperson
[Posted Feb 16 2013]  click here>

Article: Muslim concerns worth UPA attention
[Posted Feb 7 2013]  click here>

Article: Ghezaaee ashya ki aalamee barbaadee aur nizam-e Mustafawee (S)
खाद्द पदार्थों की बर्बादी तथा पैग़म्बराना शिक्षाओं की प्रासंगिकता
[Posted Feb 4 2013] Urdu click here>   Hindi click here>

Article: Naye hawaadis tapak rahey hain, qatra qatra
[Posted Feb 4 2013]  click here>

Article: K. Rehman Khan ka Jahan-e-Makafat-III
[Posted Jan 8 2013] click here>

SHE PARTS TO MEET AGAIN (Tribute to Delhi rape victim)
[Posted Jan 6 2013] click here>    Also published in The Hindu newspaper  click here>

Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood's Presentation on Sachar Committee made in IICC Auditorium,
New Delhi on 25 Dec 2012 in the presence of
Mr K. Rahman Khan, Minister for Minority Affairs
[Posted Dec 26 2012] click here>

Sultanate-e Usmaaniya ka model aur hum
[Posted Dec 24 2012] click here>

Educational help for rape victim's siblings
[Posted Dec 21 2012] click here>

Article: Khutba-e Jum'ah ki mansooba-bandi, aabyaari wa aaraastgi
[Posted Dec10 2012] click here>

Works before new Minority Affairs Minister K. Rahman Khan - I & II
[Posted Dec10 2012] & [Posted Dec17 2012] click here>

Article: के. रहमान ख़ां कार्यशीलता के एक नए कुरुक्षेत्र में (2 Articles)
[Posted Nov 16 2012] (I) click here>   (II) click here>

Article: K. Rehman Khan ka Jahan-e-Makafat-I
[Posted Nov 12 2012] click here>

Article: 1950 ka sadaarati hukmnaama: Kuchh to raazdaari hai ! (Rashtriya Sahara, 29 Oct)
[Posted Oct 29 2012] click here>

ZFI's Eiduz Zuha Namaz 2012, New Delhi
[Posted Oct 27 2012] click here>

Letter to Mr. Salman Khursheed Sahab Regarding LCE Recruitment in IPC
[Posted Oct 26 2012] click here>

Letter to Mr. Sri Shinde Ji Regarding LCE Recruitment in IPC
[Posted Oct 26 2012] click here>

National Seminar on WAQF Management, India International Centre, New Delhi, 17 July 2012
[Posted Oct 23 2012] click here>

Free Online RTI Certificate Course from Govt. of India
[Posted Oct 17 2012] click here>

Article (Rashtriya Sahara-15 Oct 2012)
Kya waqa'ee main apne chaman ka bulbul hoon !
[Posted Oct 17 2012] click here>

Article - Faraaez-e Hamsaayegi wa Samaaji Rabeta-saazi
[Posted Oct 01 2012] click here>

Haj 2012: If your name didn't show up in draw of lots...
[Posted Sep 27 2012] click here>

Quranic Morals
[Posted Sep 26 2012] click here>

SZM Meeting with Dr. APJ Abul Kalam regarding Waqf Properties
[Posted Sep 22 2012] click here>

ZFI Fellows Batch 2012 - Meeting with successful ZFI Fellows of last year
[Posted Sep 22 2012] click here>

Job: Urgent Requirment in Madina-Munawara for NW & System Engineer
[Posted Sep 11 2012] click here>

Jobs: Urgent Requirements for Saudi Arabia in Saudi Bin Laden Group
[Posted Sep 06 2012] click here>

मुस्लिम आरक्षण पर उत्तर प्रदेश सरकार की क़लाबाज़ी
[Posted Sep 05 2012] click here>

مسلم رزرویشن پر یو پی حکومت کی قلابازی
[Posted Sep 03 2012] click here>

Successful ZFI Fellows 4th Batch greeted
[Posted Sep 02 2012] click here>

Geographical Boundaries versus Human Values
[Posted Sep 02 2012] click here>

[Posted August 29 2012] click here>

List of ZFI Fellows Selected for Interview of Civil Services 2012 at Malappuram at 07:30am on 29 Aug 2012
[Posted August 28 2012] click here>

Waqf Bill 2010: Vital Recommendations of JPC and Sachar Committee not included in Rajya Sabha Select Committee Report
[Posted August 23 2012] click here>

Waqf Bill 2010: Recommendations made by Rajya Sabha Select Committee
[Posted August 23 2012] click here>

Na tha agar too shareek-e mahfil, qusoor tera hai ya ki Mera ?
[Posted August 236 2012] click here>

Jughrafiyaee Hudood wa Insaanee Qadrein
[Posted August 21 2012] click here>

Waqf legislation: Community welfare or stereotype officialdom?
[Posted August 13 2012] click here>

वक़्फ़ की क़ानूनी प्रक्रियाः मुसलमानों के कल्याण के लिए या उन पर शासन करने के लिए?
[Posted August 13 2012] click here>

وقف قانون سازی: بہبود ملت یا روایتی حکمرانی؟
[Posted August 13 2012] click here>

Int'l Zakat Fund Quotes
[Posted August 06 2012] click here>

ZFI President received by prominent Indians in UK
[Posted July 19 2012] click here>

You can market your skills & talents at www.fiverr.com
[Posted July 16 2012] click here>

SZM at Cambridge Muslim College
[Posted July 12 2012] click here>

Bonding with Extended Family - By Syed Zafar Mahmood
Times of India, Edit Page, The Speaking Tree, 29 June 2012
[Posted June 30 2012] click here>

Sachar Committee Report in Urdu
[Posted June 20 2012] Click here  Part 1  /  Part 2

Admission in Engg, Diploma & Pharmacy in West Bengal
[Posted June 12 2012] click here>

R D Sethna Scholarship Last Date 31-08-2012
[Posted June 12 2012] click here>

ZFI President, Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood attended the IAS Trainee Officers' Valediction
[Posted June 08 2012] click here>

Sachar Report Summary
[Posted June 07 2012] click here>

Indian Army - Permanent Commission - Applications invited
[Posted May 22 2012] click here>

LCE (special IPS exam) stayed by CAT, Orissa
[Posted May 16 2012] click here>

Civil Services Urdu Article in Rashtriya Sahara - 13 May 2012
[Posted May 14 2012] click here>

Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood Articles on Waqf
[Posted Apr 3 2012] click here>

Limited Exam for IPS - Delhi High Court Proceedings: Urdu/English
[Posted Mar 29 2012] click here>

Madrasa Al-Jamiya Islamiya Kareemul Uloom letter to ZFI
[Posted Mar 25 2012] click here>

All India Muslim Majlis Mushawarat writes to PM regarding Indian Waqf Service
[Posted Jan 31 2012] click here>

Indian Waqf Service supported by All India Muslim Majlis Mushawarat
[Posted Jan 18 2012] click here>

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind chief writes to PM to create Indian Waqf Service
[Posted Jan 15 2012] click here>

"Summer Internships in US"?
[Posted Jan 09 2012] click here>

Civil Services Examination 2013 - ZFI Fellows - Selection Schedule 2012.
[Posted Dec 30 2011] click here>

ZFI's Analysis of Report Dated 17 dec 2011 of Rajya Sabha Select Committee on Waqf Bill 2010.
[Posted Dec 30 2011] click here>

Minorities Commission Letter to Mr. Salman Khursheed to Create Indian Wakf Service.
[Posted Nov 17 2011] click here>

WAKF Cadre Proposal.
[Posted Nov 9 2011] click here>

1400 Top Police Officers' Recruitment!.
[Posted Nov 6 2011] click here>

JAHAN-E-MAKAFAT Releasing Ceremony, 16 Nov 2011!.
[Posted Oct 6 2011] click here>

Manzoor Alam Fund Scholarship OPEN!.
[Posted Oct 7 2011] click here>

Stopping Sachar Implementation.
[Posted Aug 31 2011] click here>

11 'ZFI Fellows' qualified for Civil Services Mains.
[Posted Aug 25 2011] click here>

Orphanages hold annual Iftar .
[Posted Aug 23 2011] click here>

Creation of Indian Waqf Service - A Must
[Posted July 27 2011] click here>

Waqf Bill: Response from Nehru Memorial Museum & Library.
[Posted June 29 2011]
click hsere>

Waqf Bill: ZFI's response to Mr. Salman Khurshid's letter.
[Posted June 27 2011]
click here>

ZFI's Waqf Bill Analysis: Important response received.
[Posted June 27 2011]
click here>

Terms of Fellowship & Temporary Return of Original Certificates.
[Posted June 10 2011]
click here>

List of ZFI Fellows 2011.
[Posted May 31 2011]
click here>

Selection of ZFI Fellows 2011 Batch.
[Posted May 30 2011]
click here>

New WAKF Bill is in immediate need of review to protect Wakf lands.
[Posted May 24 2011]
click here>

Indian Express reports on 'ZFI Fellow' Mohd. Shihab who has cleared CIvil Services. [Posted May 14 2011] click here>

Civil Service Exam: FIVE 'ZFI Fellows' inducted into Civil Services. [Posted May 11 2011] click here>

Civil Services Coaching - Selection Form 2011.
[Posted Apr 25 2011]
click here>

Consciousness of 21st Century Indian Muslim Renaissance.
[Posted Apr 28 2011]
click here>

[Posted May 10 2011]
click here>

Wakf lands in India are valued at $26 billion. ZFI is working hard to protect these lands. [Posted Apr 11 2011] click here>

1 Day Seminar on 24 April 2011 on IQBAL KI TAFKEER-E-DEENI.
[Posted Apr 06 2011]
click here>

Upcoming Album of Allama Iqbal's selected Ashaar.
[Posted Apr 05 2011]
click here>

India Think Tank, Boston's Evite Invitation: 21st Century Indian Muslim Renaissance.
[Posted Apr 04 2011]
click here>

Composition of the Religious Committee which had approved the demolition of the Jangpura Mosque. [Posted Mar 29 2011] click here>

Civil Services Mock Interview Session: March-April 2011. [Posted Mar 27 2011] click here>

Intervention Petition - Jangpura Masjid: High Court admits it never ordered demolition. [Posted Mar 23 2011] click here>

Economic Empowerment Workshops successfully completed at 12 different places of India!
[Posted Mar 22 2011]
click here>

Bhopal Workshop receives media coverage [Posted Mar 18, 2011] click here>

Sachar recommendation of Wakf Service rejected - Indian Express.
[Posted Mar 03, 2011]
click here >

New Delhi Economic Empowerment Workshop successfully completed. 11 more to go!
[Posted Jan 22, 2011]
click here>

REGISTER for ZFI's ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT Workshops: January-March 2011.
[Posted Jan 12 2011]
click here>

Urdu Teachers Scheme.[Posted Feb 02, 2011] click here >

Jangpura Masjid demolished on 12 January 2011: Factual Position. [Posted Jan 13, 2011] click here >

Register for ZFI's Economic Empowerment Workshops: January-March 2011.
[Posted Jan 12, 2011]
click here >

ZFI visits Gujarat riot victims in Ahmedabad. [Posted Dec 28, 2010] click here >

Mosque Library Funding Project. [Posted Dec 16, 2010] click here >

Zee Salaam TV channel broadcasts multi-part segment on ZFI. [Posted Nov 22, 2010] click here > se PDF

Charles Wallace Scholarship. [Posted Oct 22, 2010] click here >

Jamia Masjid hero awarded by ZFI. [Posted Sep 25, 2010] click here >

CNN news channel reports on Zakat Foundation on India. [Posted Sep 2 2010] click here >

VIDEO: Follow orphan's daily routine. [Posted Sep 2 2010] click here >

VIDEO: Our work in Bawana - a poor locality of New Delhi. [Posted Aug 31, 2010] click here >

VIDEO: 'ZFI Fellow' & 2010 IAS Topper SHAH FAESAL discusses his road to success. [Posted Aug 31, 2010] click here >

VIDEO: Adams Care Charity Hospital. [Posted Aug 31, 2010] click here >

VIDEO: Meaning of Ramadan. [Posted Aug 31, 2010] click here >

Online donations. [Posted Aug 29, 2010] c3lick here >

Help 2 sisters who are victims of ACID ATTACK. [Posted Aug 11, 2010] click here >

Ramadan Mubarak! Help 2 sisters who are victims of ACID ATTACK. [Posted Aug 11, 2010] click here >

Kashmir Civil Services orientation program - June 12, 2010. [Posted June 1, 2010] click here >

Felicitation of Shah Faesal - ZFI Fellow and IAS topper. [Posted June 1, 2010] click here >

The story of Shah Faesal - ZFI Fellow and IAS topper. [Posted May 7, 2010] click here >

2 ZFI Fellows clear Civil Services Exam. [Posted May 6, 2010] click here >

You are invited to Quran Conference on May 16, 2010. [Posted May 6, 2010] click here >

Civil Services Prelims 2011 Selection Process. [Posted Apr 4, 2010] click here >

Maulana Azad National Fellowship for Minority students [Posted Mar 26, 2010] click here >

Mock interviews for qualified 'ZFI Fellows' held [Posted Mar 15, 2010] click here >

Indonesia's Zakat Foundation visits ZFI. [Posted Feb 25, 2010] click here >

Civil Services Prelims 2011 Selection Cycle. [Posted Feb 12, 2010] click here >

Madrassas assistance. [Posted Feb 10, 2010] click here > Urdu

Launch of Haj Fund of India. [Posted Jan 30, 2010] click here >

Launch of Urdu teachers recruitment drive. [Posted Dec 12, 2009]
click here >

President of India, Smt. Pratibha Patil, once again donates to ZFI's orphanages. [Posted Nov 5, 2009]. click here >

Educational schemes run by Ministry of Minority Affairs [Posted Nov 5, 2009]. click here >

Make a difference this Ramadan season! [Posted Aug 22, 2009]. click here >

Civil Services selection in Tamil Nadu [Posted Aug 16, 2009]. click here >

17 'ZFI Fellows' qualify for UPSC Mains Exam [Posted Aug 4, 2009]. click here >

Announcing Manzoor Alam Scholarship [Posted Aug 4, 2009]. click here >

ZFI Fellows: Form for temporary return of original certificates. [Posted Aug 1, 2009]. click here >

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ZFI strongly condemns the terrorist attack in Mumbai.
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Tehelka weekly
newspaper does article on 'Happy Home' orphanage of India.
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The Hindu
national newspaper publishes article on 'Happy Home' orphanage of India.
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